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SMSC elite tryouts for u9-u19 June 11-22

CSC Merges with SMSC

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Apr, 2020

CSC has exciting news for soccer on the Coast

Below are some questions that have been asked of Coaches and/or Club Administrators.  If you find that you have additional questions please do not hesitate to ask your Coach or one of our Board Members.

Why did our Club fold?
              - This is an important distinction, Coast Soccer Club did not fold.  This is a combined merger with both organizations coming                 together to enhance soccer for all of Coastal Mississippi.  Many, if not all, of the same cast of characters will be in place                         coaching and administering the various programs.
Was there discussion about merging with other clubs?
            - While this was not a merger of necessity (both clubs are operating well and are in a “strong” position), this was a merger to                better the situation for players all along the coast.  The Board has, over the years, remained open to merger/partnership                            opportunities, but they need to make sense.  SMSC have for years now operated as Sister Organizations with similar goals.  We              strive    to build players from a young age and provide affordable soccer to all children through the elimination of the “Pay to                Play” model.
 Why SMSC?
           - In short, SMSC has built a club that we had hoped to build to in the coming years.  This gets us there sooner, and in reality                  even better! Longer version: o Lower player prices. All of our players will pay less money to play and receive more services o                Fundraisers. They hold fundraisers for players. Example: Ducks are sold by players to the community for $5 to enter into the                  Duck Derby. The ducks are then dumped into the lazy river and a winner is declared. That first $25 goes to the club to be used                for financial aid. Any additional ducks sold goes towards that players fees. If a player sells enough ducks, their soccer fees are                covered. o Player and Coach Development – Camps, Symposium South, clinics, technical training days, coaching education… o            Corporate Sponsors. As an existing 501(c)(3) SMSC has the opportunity to tap into revenue streams that CSC did not o The                     main reason for the merger is this is the best for our players.
 Will we still have teams in Jackson County?
           - YES!  We remain committed to offering opportunities to every community in our geographic area.  This merger is designed to              build on the existing programming, not rebuild or restart.
Will we have to drive to Gulfport?
         - NO!  Some players (primarily if they are U13+) may have to the opportunity to choose to play on a team that is primarily out of           Gulfport.  Even if playing on a team that is primarily out of Gulfport, we believe that we can offer training opportunities closer                to home (JCSC) when necessary.
When are Try-outs?
          - Try-outs are tentatively scheduled for May 9th & 10th at JCSC.
          Bottom Line: This merger was made to enhance opportunities for all of our children.  Trust me, I understand your feelings of                  commitment and loyalty to this club.  I share that with you and appreciate your support beyond measure.  Since I’ve gotten                    involved with OSSO/CSC I’ve always been driven by the mantra of “do the most good for the greatest number of children”, this            merger fits into that mantra.  These are exciting times for soccer on the coast (well once we can get started again)!  
See you on the pitch!
Cameron Hickey
President, Coast Soccer Club

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